Art For Business

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Art For Business

Flux Factory is where art and business meet.

Its mission is to link art, strategy and society.

Flux Factory’s aim is to address matters related to fast-paced business environments and provide answers to the question :


What can art do for business ?


Art helps re-think, re-invent, re-design, and question. Art empowers businesses discover new products and markets, increase productivity, improve communications and collaboration as well as engage with the social conditions that define their competitive context.


With more than 12 years of art for business experimentations, Flux Factory engenders creativity value chains and helps organisations with branding, HR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Research & Development and Corporate Communication at large.

Don't ask what business can do for the arts, ask what the arts can do for business.


By investing in Flux Factory Services, corporations become art Patrons, as all flows go back to art with Flux Laboratory.


Help us help the Arts