A Night Dedicated To Slowness: Rei Start performance & Screening of the Lagune movie

A Night Dedicated To Slowness: Rei Start performance & Screening of the Lagune movie

Annual meeting dedicated to dialogue, contemporary theories and sharing ideas.

May 18, 2018 at the French Institute of Athens from 6 pm

May 19, 2018 in Eleusis from 8 pm

Our consumerist civilization meets the limits of its development. Being aware of it is certainly the most decisive fact of our era: the ecological and social crisis is causing a slow revolution in our lifestyles. Slow-pacing our life, finding the time to live, to rediscover the meaning of duration: That's what we'll talk about with our guests.

It will be a night without pressure, for and by people who do not hurry, lasting the moment of a night. One night during which you can participate at your own rhythm to workshops, media trays, conferences, screenings, readings, banquet, attend artistic performances, taste the wines of Nemea or cheese fondue.

For its fifth edition of Night of Ideas, Fluxum Foundation/Flux Laboratory, in partnership with the French Institute of Greece, the Embassy of Switzerland in Greece, the artistic collective Medea Electronic and Eleusis 2021 - European Capital of Culture, is happy to present two creations: 


How to influence the time of the physical passage, the transition from one state to another by creating new narrative systems?

The choreographer Markella Manoliadi has listed the parameters that affect the trajectory of the visitor and define a path related to the relationship of the body in space: Rhythm, Order, Perspective, Public, Representation, Soundscape.

Six dancers integrate the visitors in an experiment where the space and the time of circulation are continually remodeled.


A film by Daphne Bengoa, a collaboration with the Swiss artist Denis Savary, based on Lagune performance, created as part of the DADA 100 Celebration in Switzerland in 2016. A performance featuring a utopian city based on Julien Gracq's Le Rivage des Syrtes.

In addition to the world of artist Sophie Taeuber Arp, Lagune's transparent and colorful scenographic elements were inspired to Denis Savary by the theories of the architect Paul Scheerbart, a realistic allegory of a glass architecture on a scale of the entire planet. Five black bags filled with sand, symbolizing the ramparts of this imaginary city, are manipulated and displaced by the dancers.