Anechoic - Cindy Van Acker

Anechoic - Cindy Van Acker

The FLUX Laboratory and Fluxum Foundation support the ADC for the invitation of Cindy Van Acker, ANECHOIC, performed at dusk and outdoor, by 53 dancers. 

Created for the dancers of P.A.R.T.S , ANECHOIC will be performed on 24th and 25th June, with 53 young dancers from the ballet junior of Geneva and CFC.

Free admission, reservations required

8 p.m
La Maison du Futur
Route de Vessy 49, 1234 Vessy
Choreography : Cindy Van Acker
Interpretation : 53 young dancers Geneva Junior Ballet dancer and CFC
Assistant : Stéphanie Bayle
Technical : Victor Roy, Denis Rollet

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