APOPTOSE - Sophie Le Meillour and Fabrice Starzinskas

Exhibition - 6pm – 10pm

Apoptose refers to the process by which cells trigger their own self-destruction in response to a signal. This is one of the possible pathways of cell death, which is necessary for the survival of multicellular organisms. The project Apoptose explores a mysterious living ecosystem in black and white, whose entities, volumes and scales seem to follow their own logic within an infinite vacuum.

Apoptose started in the spring of 2017, from an experimentation to blend visual artist Sophie Le Meillour’s hand drawn universe with creative technologist Fabrice Starzinskas’ technological research. “Moon” and “Nightmares” – two series of drawings and screen printings by Sophie – represented a solid groundwork of creative references for Fabrice to investigate notions such as emotion and storytelling, often overlooked in “technological” creation, sometimes stemming from a quest for rather technical, somewhat predictable, exploits.

The first manifestation of this work was a full dome 360° short movie projected during Hubweek festival in Boston, as well as in the Geneva International Film Festival’s (GIFF) dome in collaboration with Swissnex Boston.

The duo will be presenting at Flux Laboratory the next step of their project, namely a virtual reality adaptation of Apoptose. Spectators will therefore be able to immerse themselves fully into the universe created by the artistes, via VR headsets, but also beyond, through Sophie Le Meillour’s drawings and screen printings.   

“Here, the equilibrium has lost all meaning. Each entity, plunged into apparent harmony, reveals the chaos it’s imbued with. Abandoned by the principles of their very own reality, all these entities try to find their sense of orientation, of space, and their preys again. “

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