Flux Laboratory and Fluxum Foundation celebrate DADA centenary in 2016
In collaboration with the DADA 100 Association in Zurich
The Fluxum Foundation and the Flux Laboratory are presenting a special program of cultural events to join in the celebration of the 2016 DADA centenary.
Taking the theme How to Put a Price on Values? as its starting point, this collection of events was conceived as a multidisciplinary celebration that will include creative pieces, performances, screenings, concerts, exhibits, and roundtable discussions with the following artists:

Vincent Barras & Jacques Demierre, Maya Bösch & Bernard Schlurick, Massimo Carrozzo, DADA FEFE, Philippe Mairesse/Accès Local, Aurélie Mathigot, Leda Papaconstantinou, Denis Savary, Nikos Vavdinoudis

In keeping with the very DADA notion of allowing ideas to travel, the various happenings have taken place first in Zurich, birthplace of the DADA movement, before travelling to Geneva, where the Flux Laboratory became the “French-speaking general headquarters” for the Dada movement, with the opening of a pop-up DADA Café, in collaboration with Manu the Cook.

The centerpiece of the celebration is the new production Lagune, a work directed by artist Denis Savary, in collaboration with choreographer Jérémy Tran, inspired by the work of Sophie Taueber-Arp. Lagune has been staged in various cultural institutions in Zürich, at the Swiss Cultural Centre in Paris, at Flux Laboratory and Ethnographic Museum in Geneva, before heading to Athens, for a final on the rooftop of the National Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Along the year 2016, Flux Laboratory has decided to pursue its own DADA action with the project Au Revoir Sophie, which offers 50 devaluated banknotes of 50 CHF, with the complicity of the Commission of Fine Arts of the Swiss National Bank, underlining the coincidence that 2016 marks the hundredth anniversary of the DADA movement but also the replacement of the 50 CHF banknote, decorated with Sophie Taueber Arp's portrait, from April 2016.