DADA 2016 Geneve - Maya Bösch - DADA NIET

DADA 2016 Geneve - Maya Bösch - DADA NIET

Flux Laboratory Zurich: 6 February 2016, 7 p.m. - performance in GERMAN
Flux Laboratory Geneva: 28 April 2016, 7 p.m. - performance in FRENCH

Theater is not an audience prostrating itself at the celebration of mass. Theater is not the dirty little secret that a family tramples underfoot to keep it down. Theater is not a psychoanalytic revelation drawn from the depths of the soul. Theater does not have its center of gravity outside of itself. Theater is not a moment of nostalgia recalling a time gone by in the light of a staged present. Theater is not the emotional argument of a reasonable thesis. Theater is not reproducing something here that was produced over there. Theater is not the hearth that chilled spectactors gather round for warmth. Theater is not theater. Theater is dada. Da.
Bernard Schlurick

The performance DADA NIET invites the audience into a game sequence that experiments with new relationships between body, space, and words. The exploration strives to reimagine the world in a new way.

Maya Bösch is a stand-out on today’s artistic and cultural scene for the exploratory and innovative theatrical forms she creates. As founder and director of the independent company sturmfrei, she explores contemporary writings as well as classics. The theater company has created over 20 dramatic works, installations, performances, and exhibitions.
In 2015, Maya Bösch received the Swiss Theater Award from the Federal Office of Culture. 

Bernard Schlurick is born in Geneva, raised in Switzerland, in the US and in Austria : Travels will give rhythm to his youth. He holds a PhD in Letters, and teaches, writes, translates. He is currently working on a novel ((“La Mort viendra et elle aura mes yeux“)and on a play(“Comme une baleine immense échouée la nuit sur la plage de mes rêves“). 


Concept: Maya Bosch

Playright: Bernard Schlurick

Performance : Maya Bösch and Bernard Schlurick