DADA 2016 Zurich - Lagune - A création by Denis Savary and choreographer Jeremy Tran

DADA 2016 Zurich - Lagune - A création by Denis Savary and choreographer Jeremy Tran

On the occasion of the DADA Centenary in 2016, Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory invite the visual artist Denis Savary, who collaborates on this occasion with choreographer Jeremy Tran, for the creation Lagune.
The performance revolves around one of Sophie Taeuber Arp's puppet, The rebuilt for the occasion and manipulated by the puppeteer Evelyne Villaime.
Lagune reconstructs, on stage or in an open space, an over-the-water city, Robot King's imaginary kingdom. The different facades and walls of the city are mobile and continually moved by six dancers, which confers a illusion of the town being battered by the sea, moving along an imaginary wave built from the dancers' movements.
Wishing this creation as modular and scalable as possible, Lagune will be played in various unexpected places and conditions. Premiered in Zurich, birthplace of Dadaism, the creation will tour around Switzerland before returning to Geneva.


02/04/2016 - 18h - SIK ISEA Zürich - performance "Lagune" and conference by the curators of the exhibition  "Dadaglobe Reconstructed", Dr. Adrian Sudhalter and Cathérine Hug (Kunsthaus Zürich).

02/05/2016 - 19h -Völkerkundemuseum Zürich

02/10/2016 - 19h -Cabaret Voltaire Zürich

02/11/2016 - 19h - Flux Laboratory Zürich

04/21/2016 - 19h - Flux Laboratory Geneva

13-14-15.05.2016 - 19h - MEG (Musée d'Ethnographie Genève)

Denis Savary expresses his art in many forms: videos, installations, set design, and staging. He has had solo exhibitions at the Mamco (Geneva), the Bern Kunsthalle, the Centre PasquArt (Bienne), the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris, and the Jenisch Museum in Vevey. He has won two Swiss Art Awards, the Vaud cultural award, and a grant from the Fondation Leenaards.
Jérémy Tran works with various art techniques and experiments with different media to explore corporality and space. At the crossroads where dance, photography, and video meet, his work attempts to seize and amplify the energy of the body’s presence, via explorations of choreography and form. 

An actress by training, Evelyne Villaime turned to the art of puppetry out of an appreciation for objects and construction. She first met Denis Savary in 2009 during a dance project, then continued working closely with him to develop and build sculpted characters using multiple techniques. 

Direction : Denis Savary

Choreography : Jérémy Tran

Creative advisor and sound: Daphne Bengoa

Puppets : Evelyne Villaime
Dancers: Alizée Duvernois, Ambre Dunand, Laurent Le Gall, Kayije Kagame, Leandro Villavicencio, Paul Girard

Sets : Denis Savary and Juliette Roduit
Creative advisor: Daphne Bengoa
Music : Daphné Bengoa and Denis Savary
Costumes : Vanessa Schindler 

Technical: Luc Job

Documentary (film et photography) : Daphné Bengoa

Production et technical : Fondation Fluxum et Flux Laboratory