Dance celebration - Screenings

Dance celebration - Screenings

Film screenings 

Sunday, May 10 from 11am till 6pm, FLUX Laboratory, Carouge

FLUX Laboratory presents a program in the context of its involvment to Geneva's dance celebration. 


Artificial Landscapes - Jeremy Tran (11AM)

Artificial Landscapes is a story that engages a hundred of volunteers, all passionate and enthusiastic. 
The project is organized as a sensitive landscape, an illustration of paradoxical human beings through poetry and movement. Mainly about loneliness both fantasized and rejected, the creation exposes an artificial society lost between individualism and a certain desire to reach others.
Through dance, the artists develop a dialogue between the body and the architecture, shaking our perceptions. 
How to exist and how could architecture exist through our experiences? Who are we in these landscapes? (Duration 25 Min)

Plans-Fixes dedicated to Noemi Lapzeson preview (11:30AM)
Since 1977, Plan-Fixes association produces filmed portraits on Swiss personalities. Movies are shot in five static stills, in a single place, on the single day. They last approximately 50 minutes. In 2015 the association will release, with the support of the Fluxum Foundation, the portrait of Noemi Lapzeson, dancer and choreographer. This artist plays a major role in the evolution of the contemporary dance in Switzerland. The project will reveal a testimony on her origins, her years of apprenticeship, the important encounters of her life, her dancer's career and her work as a choreographer. (Duration: 50 Min)