Dancewalk Marathon

Dancewalk Marathon

At joint instigation of Flux Laboratory and Foofwa d'Imobilité - carried by a strong message - the Dancewalk Marathon project intends to link the history of the region, of modern dance, to question the notion of performance and physicality while clinging to the themes of current events in Greece.

Thought specifically to highlight local culture, it is a unifying event on a 42-kilometer route between the cities of Marathon and Athens, in reference to the famous ordeal and to the legend of the soldier and messenger Philippidès.

It is also an educational project since it transmits the technique developed by Foofwa d’Immobilité to dance professionals in Greece.

A unique creation celebrating living together and sharing, in connection with the territory, history and current affairs of the places crossed. The Dancewalk is dancing on a journey, anywhere in the world, an activity where walking becomes dance, where the dance always advances, for several kilometers and for several hours, through a city or a landscape.
The Dancewalk has been performed by Foofwa d’Imobilité since 2015 in different places, with professional dancers, with the precious collaboration of local musicians and public participation.

Each Dancewalk is a creation, a specific project that is built in connection with the organiser, the place and the context in which it takes place. The 42 kilometers between Marathon and Athens would be divided into 4 sections of approximately 10 kilometers, over 4 days. Each day will constitute a quarter of a marathon, with each time an arrival in a village or a city, closed by a friendly evening, open to all.

Before this highlight, the Dancewalk - Retroperspectives will be presented to the Greek media at a press conference. Paradoxically, this is an indoor, local, on-site Dancewalk. A piece thought for the stage of a theater, an analytical and historical account of the more than 600 kilometers of Dancewalk performed around the world.

The message: the Dancewalk is a celebration of life, an ode to freedom, self-empowerment
within the group and a statement of cohesion that includes the differences and particularities of each. 

Neopost Foofwa is teaming up to produce this artistic adventure from November 5th to 8th, uniting 6 professional Greek dancers to 4 dancers from Geneva, Switzerland, inviting women, men and children from the region and elsewhere to participate. Everyone is welcome to walk along the Dancewalk procession or to watch the show live.