Time is a concept that accounts for change in the world. Questions relate to the "intimate nature" of time: fundamental property of the Universe, or rather by-product of human intellectual observation and perception?
We made it palpable by splitting it up and giving it value. We created a dynamic framework, regulated by laws of physics, but also of life. 

Today, the 4.0 generation is living the fast life, aiming to go faster and further!

The fast-train life is like leaping through a landscape without smelling its perfume, without tasting its flavour or taking in its energy. Blindly trying to reach a point in a straight line, without actually knowing where the rails are. 

What for?

Ah, the infamous quest for results. 
A quest supposed to be healthy, motivational, a motor in your life – the treat that should keep you moving forward!
The destination of the trip. The goal! 

In the spotlight today: fast production.
After fast food, fast consumption, fast life, is it now time for fast production?

Fast production?

Indeed. Produce fast, innovate quick, build the non-existent.
Fast production also affects the world of art.


Yes, artists also find themselves carried away by the furious 4.0 cadence. 
Research is a time-consuming luxury, life goes fast, artists work on 5 projects simultaneously. They run from contract to contract, a banana in one hand, a coffee in the other. Always on the go.

Determined, passionate, fiery and creative.
Creating relentlessly.
Producing on a schedule.  

This haste is part of choreographers’ and dancers’ lives, part of the way they work, sweat, devote themselves to their art. 
An artist's life is one of business: produce and sell, sell and produce.
Humans can no longer be at the core of research and creation; the product is the Star, the ultimate goal.
For dancers, no time to warm up, time optimisation does not allow for it. 
No time for self-exploration, to get rooted, re-connect, look for subtleties; the journey of creation is taken hostage by the quest for result and the constraints of time.
In this perpetual race to reach the goal, I feel like the human is forgotten, and so is his pathway. 

Shouldn’t the value of a journey consist of the journey itself?

If not, where is the pleasure in creating, dancing, giving your entire body and soul to your art?
Produce to produce more, do to do more.

What is a choreographer’s true role today?
Creating new pieces? Accompanying artistic evolutions? Being messengers?
Transmitting experiences, sharing emotions, sensations, shapes?

Why do all these young choreographers yearn to create so much?

How can we find the very essence of this position again?

Art is alive,
It needs humanity to exist.
Men need to live in the present moment, to feel, to breathe, to vibrate, to exist out of time and space.

Men need freedom, joy and energy to create.

Stop running and live now,

Happiness is not at the end of the road, it lies in the journey.

Alessia Sacco