Evening of short-films on dance

Evening of short-films on dance

The evening starrts at 6pm!

Projection of 4 films related to dance, and performances given by Nicole von Arx and Erin O'Reilly (dance) and by Fabe Gryphin (music)

Projection in preview:
GOLDEN PRISON, with Fabe Gryphin, musician and Nicole von Arx, dancer

Projections :
DESERT, directed by Jérémy Tran, with Paul Girard, dancer
IDA Y VUELTA, with the dancers Giuseppe Bucci and Ambre Pini, in presence of Ambre Pini
JE CROIS QUE L'ON EST CE QUE L'ON EST, C'EST-A-DIRE, directed by Paola Cardone and Anouchka Djurdjevac, dancer


Dance and video, two elements that are at the same time contrary and complementary: the first is nourished by the moment and the ephemeral while the second tries to suspend time and modify its course.

At Flux Laboratory, we present 4 very different films of dance, to whih wwe have given our support.

Come discover these production the time of an evening!