In residency: Daï Daï Produçao

In residency: Daï Daï Produçao

Flux Laboratory will welcome company Daï Daï Produçao to work on their new project: Les Rustres.

"Here it is me who commands!" Such is the credo of Lunardo, a rich Venetian trader for whom a woman must not be involved in business and kept out of sight.

Showing this piece today, at a time when equality between men and women is still a topical subject, far from settled, seemed like a necessity to us. How could we not question the persistence, two centuries after the piece was written, of a society that remains strongly patriarchal  and where women, of all socio-economic backgrounds, still represent the main recurring victims? Since then May '68 and the sexual liberation movement have happened, and yet the way society looks at independent women, freed from male guardianship, has fundamentally not evolved much. It is safe to say that the tendency to throw opprobrium on them still has a bright future ahead.

This feminist play, ahead of its time, is among the most exhilarating of the classical repertoire; Daï Daï Produçao’s adaptation of Les Rustres emphasizes the double-standard between principles of equality and the reality, which is very different. Evidently, Les Rustres still do strive here and now.


Adaptation and Director: Daniela Morina Pelaggi
With Sibylle Blanc, Paulo Dos Santos, Diana Fontannaz, Layla Hasan Shlonsky, Antony Mettler, Daniela Morina Pelaggi, Antonio Troilo, Raphaël Vachoux
Assistant : Thomas Mérigard
Outside eye : Antonio Gomez
Scenography: Anna Popek
Choreography: Alessia Casadei
Costumes: Anna Pacchiani
Sound and Light Management: Raphaël Bertomeu
Video Management: Matthieu Prêtre
Videos: Yann Toderi, Matthieu Prêtre
Poster: Michal Batory
Diffusion: Régine Auer