In residency: Salambaïbykhubi Company

In residency: Salambaïbykhubi Company

Flux Laboratory will welcome from August 27th to September 10th Salambaïbykhubi company who will work on his creation "Aziza".

"Beware of travelers' stories," says Saadi.
And like others, we tell the damaged tales of what we have witness; here starts something fantastic. The earth begins to roll under our wheels, the road goes on and on, the mountains scroll gently, I move forward in the landscape, light, the wind rushing into my ample clothes.

We immersed into a strange dream of a thousand facets, waving among the world, from where poetry escaped unpleasantly along the kilometers - the nights on the road were curing the water of the roses and the laughter of Teheran, the pools where we we were dancing with women, the snow blocking our wheels when a wolf passed by.

A dream in which our tangled minds were overtaken by the absurd reality of our moving bodies.

We wanted to portray metamorphosed poetry through our journey and create it again with our memories of flowers and horror. 

The creation "Aziza" invites in a story of cycling trip between Central Asia and the Middle East with an installation of drawings, texts, photos and videos and a performance on Tuesday, September the 10th at 7pm.