Flux Laboratory will welcome company SAN.TOOR from April 1st to 19th to work on their new creation: I think, therefore I am not.

Human beings, in contact with their physical and social reality, develop concepts, link them together and acquire new knowledge. This process could be defined as our thought process.

Thinking is an ongoing psychic human activity.  Always in motion, it can haunt us at times. Dwelling on the past, projecting into the future: our thoughts can prevent us from living in the present moment.

We find ourselves as if locked in a cage, unable to detach ourselves from our thoughts. Once we realise our mind is polluted by our thoughts, it may be possible to let go of them and live in the present moment. The battle between myelf, my being and my thoughts can then begin.

At first, the being can feel like it is dealing with different versions of "me".

It then realises that letting go of thoughts is an arduous task; the temptation of opening the door to all the thoughts again is big.  

Some people use external “help” - alcohol, drugs, medicine ... to let go and lose control, reach another state of (un)consciousness. This can only be short-lived, temporarily hiding issues and pains  which will still be there once the being returns to its sober state. 

The question then is: how can we tame our thoughts, in order to live in and enjoy the present moment, without being overwhelmed by our psyche?

Concept and choregraphy: Ilario Santoro
In collaboration with : Léa Deschaintres
Dancers : Léa Deschaintres/Ilario Santoro
Music : Charles Mugel
Stage design : Ilario Santoro
Costumes : Ilario Santoro