Kevin Ramseier - Bambi chez les indiens

Kevin Ramseier - Bambi chez les indiens

S01E02 Bambi chez les indiens

Tuesday September 29th
Performance at 8:15 p.m.
Flux Laboratory Zurich

Bambi is a small anthropomorphic animal, whose notoriety is intergenerational. We consider it as a pure soul, and although it is a fiction, its history generates us a lot of empathy. My desire is to embody Bambi, and confront it with the characters or actions of the human condition. This process confronts a delicate and fragile being with the power of the world we have created. (...)
Bambi, with his big head and long thin legs, so clumsy, his wide eyes , his pricked ears, refers us the whole image of our own weakness.

Kevin Ramseier

Flux Laboratory Zurich is pleased to present the performance Bambi chez les indiens, the second episode of the serie initiated by Kevin Ramseier, inspired by the legendary Walt Disney fawn.

« Ego trip »
Armed with more selfinsurance and maturity, Bambi discovers ano­ther world. He meets new rituals which will make him reinvent himself using transe and magic. In this second episode, Bambi plays the star. Not the little Walt Disney childbook star, but rahter a diva inspired by Amy Winehouse and Freddy Mercury. Confident of being, in need of affirmation, in doubt of not doubting, if I let go, I’ll die, look at me...and in the end, bam in your face, who am I really and where should I go ?

Kevin Ramseier (b. 1985) was trained dance and drama in Geneva. He also co-founded the CENC – Centre d'Expression Numérique et Corporelle - a research and artistic exchanges platform.

Conception and interpretation: Kevin Ramseier

External help : Nina Langensand, Hélène Gallezot and Marion Baeriswyl
Costumes : Hélène Gallezot