L'Elan Naïf - Emoi Company

L'Elan Naïf - Emoi Company

Flux Laboratory will welcome the Emoi Company from December 7th to December 13th to work on their creation: "L’Elan Naïf".

In "L’Elan Naïf",  four dancers summon liberating desires - "I want to ..." …; by pushing them beyond reason, beyond consciousness and convention, to reach their paroxysm,  Carole Bordes strives to find what it is that touches her in spontaneity. The aim of the creation is to rediscover this stimulus, this urge closest to who we are, and to liberate imaginativeness all the way to crazy, because it is when closest to our desires that we can build our own reality.

This piece, in resistance to our societies of control, seeks to summon that which stimulates each one of us, in our singularity and our desires - the craziest or the simplest. It is targeted to an audience of young and not so young, whether simply curious or experts, to all of those who allow themselves to cross barriers.

Where would our desires lead us if we allowed them to thrive? Where in our bodies, in our minds, in our madness? In this choreographic piece, the challenge will be to start with a desire, to contextualise it and push it as far as possible into its realisation potential - to the point of absurdity. At some point the mind and the body will meet, with complete freedom of action.

Johann Fournier, in his photographic series "Dreamers die while sleeping", addresses the question of reality as a chosen fiction. He likes to apprehend the limit between what is real and what is impossible. By working side by side, they will imagine the place where our desires, if we let them live, would bring us, into the body, the imagination, the delirium.

A performance will take place on Thursday, December 13 at 7pm at Flux Laboratory.
Sign up: agenda@fluxlaboratory.com

Conception and choreography: Carole Bordes
Conception and scenography: Johann Fournier
Interpretation: Lou Cantor, Carole Dauvillier, Nicola Vacca, Carole Bordes
Sound creation: Jonathan Bénisty and existing music
Lighting design: Michèle Milivojevic
Costume creation: Coline Galeazzi