L'invitation au voyage - Emilie Pictet & Melissa Ellberger

L'invitation au voyage - Emilie Pictet & Melissa Ellberger

"L'invitation au voyage" - Creation of the Anthrop company 
First part of a choreographic and vocal trilogy

Inspired by a musical adaptation of Baudelaire's "L'invitation au voyage", this show is constructed as a triptych in movement. The three verses of the poem reflect this structure, based on a concept of metamorphosis going from organic to animal instinct to female incarnation.

The work plays to reveal and reshape the text, striving to reach an idealized destination. The blue stage design, which evokes Yves Klein’s monochromes, uses color to illustrates the permanent character of travel, contrasting with its mobile nature.

Soprano Emilie Pictet and choreographer Melissa Ellberger meet in their shared desire to integrate and interweave artistic expressions of singing and contemporary dance. Mieke Kockelhorn (designer, Netherlands) conceptualized with Melissa Ellberger an evolutionary costume as part of the Nederlandse Dans Dagen Festival.

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