Light on the Move Exposition - Photographer Muhammed Muheisen

Light on the Move Exposition - Photographer Muhammed Muheisen

As part of the FIFDH (Film Festival and International Forum on Human Rights), Fluxum Foundation is pleased to host the exhibition Light on the move by photographer and jury of the FIFDH: Muhammed Muheisen.

Light on the Move is a selection of images that shows the daily life and he challenges refugees and internally displaced people face while on the move or while and after settling down in their new environment. It is all about children, as the artist personally believes that children are the real victims of conflict. Children do not get to choose where to be born or the circumstances surrounding them, children all over the world seek the same things in common, they seek fun, joy and happiness. It’s not only a picture of a child, it is a message from a child from that part of the world to a child or an adult in the other part of the world. They are not only refugees or migrants, they are people who have hopes and dreams, who had homes and memories but they were forced to leave everything behind them in search for a new safe home.  Light on the Move is the hope and the resilience of the people affected by conflict, poverty, etc.

Muhammed Muheisen - 2018

Dates: 4th to 17th of March 
Opening: Thursday, March 7, 2019, from 6 pm 
Time slot : Week : 12pm – 6pm – Week-end by appointment 
Entry : Free
Place: Fondation Fluxum, 5 rue de la Muse, 1205 Genève - 022 436 81 91

Thursday, March 14th 2019: Special broadcast of Radio Vostok
Radio Vostock will be settling in Fluxum Foundation’s offices on March 14th 2019 from 4pm to 8pm, to discuss the exhibition and the openings happening throughout the Quartier des Bains during a special edition of their daily show La Quotidienne. An opportunity to discover the life and blood of the artistic neighbourhood and create synergies between its inhabitants, the galleries and the institutions!

Vernissages Communs: March 14th 2019 as 6pm