MIA Art Fair - Flux Box x Space Seed

MIA Art Fair - Flux Box x Space Seed


Mrch 10-13, 2017

The Mall

Porta Nuova Varesine

Fluxum Foundation and FLUX Laboratory present, within the framework of Mia Fair Milan, the Flux Box and Space Seed, a project by Li Yu, winner of 2014' Bourses Deliées Design Prize by Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain .

MIA Photo Fair, conceived in 2011 from an idea of Fabio Castelli, is the most important art fair dedicated to photography and moving image in Italy. MIA Photo Fair offers a unique approch by presenting Solo Show and Group Show with a specific curatorial project. MIA Photo Fair was created with the aim of highlighting the transverse role that photography has come to play between the languages of expression of the contemporary art system.

MIA Photo Fair provides a rich cultural program, with events and conferences dedicated to the world of art and photography, which aims to support a conscious collectors with insights and important guests in the Italian and international art scene.

A talk with the artist will follow the presentation of the project on Friday, March 10th between 16 and 17 o'clock in the conference room of the fair. 
Starting from her artistic experience Li Yu The will talk about the relation more and more embraced between Art and Science. How this pragmatic approach in creativity engenders new results which encourage awareness and favour better perspectives for the future.

Space Seed by Li Yu

Li Yu researches the burgeoning areas of advanced science technology and speculative design, and their fascinating intersection where our unlimited imagination meets the fast pacing science technology development. She uses design as a method of investigation, while implementing emerging technologies, aimed at expanding our imagination, breaks the sense of normality, brings thoughts experiment into tangible forms and explores possible future scenarios.
Space seed is an ideological experimentation of a digital afterlife management system for future planetary habitants. It uses speculative design to investigate and reverse engineering the Panspermia hypothesis. 
Space seed is a sophisticated designed apparatus that will encapsulate your digital-after-life identity (digitalised memories and thoughts) into genetically-engineered and radiation-resistant extremophiles. A capsule will protect these extremophiles for deep space journey towards a target planet. It will remain as a part of the human civilisation memory.

Li Yu was born in 1984 in Kunming, China.
She achieved a master in Design with orientation in Media Design in 2013, at the HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design) in Geneva.
Li Yu lives and works in Geneva (Switzerland) and Shenzhen (China).

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