Nelisiwe Xaba: Plasticization

Nelisiwe Xaba: Plasticization

An evening upon invitation


from and by South-African choreographer Nelisiwe Xaba


Choreography and interpretation: Nelisiwe Xaba

Costume: Strange Love


Statement of the artist:
A piece on how society has become plastic and materialistic. It comments on how intimacy happens through barriers and how we have lost our sense of touch. Nature does not know how to absorb this man made material!

The Catholic Church hardly acknowledges some tragic facts in Africa and doesn’t encourage the use of plastic condoms…

Even if it breaks, we need it to protect ourselves and yet in the long run isn’t plastic more dangerous than our need for it??



1) Chorus of slave the girls, A. Borodin                                     

2) Jesus, Joy of Man’s desiring,  J.S. Bach

3) Anvil Chorus, G. Verdi

4) Lachrimosa (Requiem),  W.A. Mozart


This evening is scheduled by FLUX Laboratory on the occasion of the pluridisciplinary project "HERE AFRICA" organized by Arts for the World, a project that reveals contemporary Africa through the eyes of its artists : visual artists, filmmakers, fashion designers, musicians, choreographers.