Performances - Ôbains Company / SOLD OUT

Performances - Ôbains Company / SOLD OUT

7PM, Flux Laboratory Geneva / SOLD OUT

The Compagnie Ôbains presents during an evening at the Flux Laboratory extracts of its work in progress.

Created in 2005 and animated by a freelance identity, Compagnie Ôbains is made up of dancers and actors in search of pleasure, curiosity, sharing and humor.

Having as a driving force the meeting, Compagnie Ôbains welcomes both professional and amateur artists and offers them the opportunity to express themselves, to create and to tell freely.

The creations have the particularity to highlight the human and its emotions. From laughter to tears, from violence to tenderness, from silence to chaos and between heaven and earth, the artists give themselves up entirely.

Choreography Mena Avolio

Lighting Jean-Marc Serre

Photo Magali Girardin

Dancers and comedians Ambre Pini Délia Danesin Harmony Armenti Maroussia Ehrnrooth Arnaud Huguenin

RSVP: before May 19, 2017

Limited seats

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