Pernette Ball - Pernette Company

Pernette Ball - Pernette Company

Established in 2001 by Nathalie Pernette, Pernette company travels all over France and abroad to present its performances. The act of creation, marked by a strong taste for experimentation and various encounters, always follows different paths taking the company to official stages as well as public spaces and unconventional venues. It also nurtures encounters with other art forms such as visual arts or live music ...

Nathalie Pernette wishes dance to be seen and showcased in different kind of places, and her shows are therefore presented both on large national stages (theatres, operas ...), in festivals and in urban or rural places, outdoors and indoors.

This broad dissemination aims to make dance better known and loved, fighting against biases towards it.

The Pernette Ball is the extension of a traditional ball. It is first of all a real traditional ball. Spectators are invited to dance freely. But the ball is regularly disrupted by the company! The dancers can suggest a new made-up ballroom dance or opt for repertoire choreographies to perform on recorded or live music.

The Pernette Ball will happen at Pedion tou Areos on June 21st, on the occasion of the World Music Day, to the sound of Polkar, a very popular group of Greek musicians.

Pedion Areos, Greek Festival 
8pm - 10pm