Projection of the documentary film Vaslav Nijinski, une âme en exil

Projection of the documentary film Vaslav Nijinski, une âme en exil

On January 19, 1919, Vaslav Nijinsky danced his last solo .....

As part of the exhibition Danser brut – le corps instrument and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the last dance performed by Vaslav Nijinski, absolute reference in the world of dance, Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory are presenting the documentary Vaslav Nijinski, une âme en exil, in presence of coauthor Christian Dumais-Lvowski *.

This documentary aims to highlight the testimony of what the man and the artist strived to leave behind for humanity; a search for human, spiritual and religiouslove, before being taken over by  madness.

The challenge of the film, its contradiction as well as its singularity, resided in the fact that there are no filmed image of dancer Nijinsky ... He comes back to life on stage thanks to testimonies of those who saw him dance, as well as to the many remarkable photos of him in all the ballets he interpreted. 

But beyond all that, there are his writings in his Cahiers as well as his drawings, which make him extraordinarily alive, poignant with truth: he reveals himself as a suffering, fragile man with a strong impulse for love and lust. This topic will be addressed by Christian Dumais Lovswki during the conference which will follow the screening of the documentary.

Screening address
Flux Laboratory - 10 rue Jacques-Dalphin, 1227 Carouge at 7.30pm


* Co-translator, publisher of Vaslasv Nijinsky Cahiers to Editions Actes-Sud, Christian Dumais-Lvowski is also responsible for the succession Vaslav and Romola Nikinski.

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