Projection of the documentary "The Poetess"

Projection of the documentary "The Poetess"

To start season 2018-2019, Flux Laboratory will screen the documentary "The Poetess" about journalist and poet Hissa Hilal, in her presence, on Tuesday, 11 of september.

The documentary tells how Saudi journalist Hissa Hilal transformed a reality TV show into a political platform, under the noses of extremists.

The show, called  "The Million Poet Show", is a kind of very popular "Star Academy". Produced in Abu Dhabi and dedicated to poetry, the show is watched every week by millions of viewers throughout the Arab world.

In 2010, Hissa Hilal decides to take part in the show. Totally veiled, she denounces in a poem religious extremism and women’s status, in front of the jury and the cameras. She also condemns subversive fatwas, barbarism, terrorism and the monstrosity of Islamic law.

Her live intervention will completely turn the show upside down, and give it unprecedented political reach, with poetry and the power of words used as weapons against fanaticism and sexism.

Her audacity will take Hissa Hilal to the finals, where she will end up 3rd in the competition. Beyond this, she opened the door for other women to partake in the competition and, in turn, speak up. Thanks to the power of the media, she feels safe in Saudi Arabia where she continues to write poems, as well as feminist books with a cause.

As part of the Festival de la Bâtie, Hissa Hilal will tell her poems on September 12th at the Alhambra, accompanied by live music by Khalil Tufeyhat.

Projection of "The Poetess"
A documentary of Stefanie Brockhaus & Andreas Wolff
Flux Laboratory: Tuesday, 11 of september – 7pm
Duration : 89’


Alhambra: Wednesday, 12 of september - 7pm