Short Movie by Daphné Bengoa feat. Stephane Tsapis

Short Movie by Daphné Bengoa feat. Stephane Tsapis

Paris - Athens

In the context of the Musical Screening of the movie The Immigrant, Daphné Bengoa has been invited by Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory to make a short film in order to celebrate a special moment shared between the children of Lavrio's camp of migrants and refugees in Greece, featuring Greek-French composer Stéphane Tsapis, and the Athens State Orchestra musicians.

A workshop and a series of meetings will be organized around a universal theme: sonic and melodic traditions that everybody bears in itself.

Stéphane Tsapis will investigate these melodies from his Parisian home to Lavrio, where he wil explore a common vocabulary.  Each participant will feed the project with its own experience and culture.

This short film will have its world premiere on November 27th, 2017, at Megaro Mousikis in Athens, during the Musical Screening of The Immigrant by Charlie Chaplin. The composition created by Stéphane Tsapis will be performed by the Athens State Orchestra.

Daphné Bengoa

Daphné Bengoa graduated in 2004 in visual communication at the "Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne" (ECAL). After her studies, she began a  photographic work influenced by her encounter with workers of the region of Guernica, in the Basque Country while she was also confronted to the photography industry by working as a technical assistant for international photographers.
For several years now, Daphné Bengoa's personnal works' process integrate photography and documentary filmmaking. Related directly or indirectly to her Greek and Basque origins, Daphne Bengoa’s photographic and filmic work is aiming to question cultural identities transformations - traditions, know-how and creation processes - as crises, geographic mobility and multiculturalism are slowly becoming the definition of the contemporary man. 
Today, Daphné Bengoa collaborates along with Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory by creating short movies focusing on Greek entrepreneurship through the angle of movements and gestures delivered by individuals in the execution of their everyday knowhow.

Stéphane Tsapis

Stéphane Tsapis is a composer, pianist and professor of film scoring at the Paris Conservatoire.
His album Mataroa, literary and musical fresco retracing the route of the exiled Greeks during the civil war, is supported by SACEM and is hailed by international critics (Mexico, Colombia, Greece, France citizen jazz award in 2012, USA, Japan). He multiplied collaborations abroad, especially in Japan with the album Musique pour quatre mains et une bouche, a duo with the Japanese saxophonist Maki Nakano. In May 2014, he toured, in Japan with Charlie and Edna his latest trio album (Jazzmagazine revelation), produced by the Japanese label Cloud. He represented France with the Paris-Mexico project in 2013 at the Mexico Euro Jazz festival, where he performed in front of 20,000 auditors. He represented France at Dushanbe Ethno jazz festival in Tajikistan in May 2014, where he performed in trio with Maki Nakano and Yann Pittard. His new album Border Lines will be released in March 2016, on Cristal Records label, distributed by Harmonia Mundi. This album freely explores his Greek roots, accompanied by Marc Buronfosse on bass and Arnaud Biscay on drums.
Among his many accomplishments and prices, Stephane Tsapis was awarded by the International Film Festival of Aubagne for the film La Nuit autour. He also won the first prize at the Duke Ellington composition contest in 2012 with his piece for Big Band Mount Athos.
Alongside his career as a pianist, he composes more and more for the cinema: he wrote Khaos, les visages humains de la crise grecque's soundtrack in 2012, as well as The Immigrant by Charlie Chaplin's soundtrack for a Jazz quartet and symphonic orchestra,  premiered in January 2016 in Paris with guest soloist Jean-Charles Richard.