Subvertir Nietzsche

Subvertir Nietzsche

Honoring Alessandra Lukinovich:

Subvertir Nietzsche - Philologie et Philosophie

Flux Laboratory is happy to host these two days of meetings around Nietzsche's reflection, with a great variety of participants: researchers, hellenists, philologists, philosophers, religion historians, as well as artists, comedians, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists.

Each of them will be invited to interpret, through his own practice, Nietzsche's texts, using the same citical instruments that the philosopher had implemented.

These two days take place within the DADA's centenial programme at Flux Laboratory. The discussions and performances will contibute to the theme How to Put a Price on Values ?
This meeting was organised in honour of hellenist Alessandra Lukinovich, in a way to salute her intellectual and human engagement, as she is retiring soon. Specialist of the rythm and melody in athenian comedy, Alessandra Lukinovich has teached for over 40 years at the Geneva University, within the Ancient Greek  unit and Theology faculty.

The organisation comittee for these days is composed by friends, colleagues and former colleagues.