The Field Trip. Video Dance / National Opera

The Field Trip. Video Dance / National Opera

The Field Trip brings people away from their usual environment. It is a place of observation, research and reflection consisting of three phases: Preparation, Activities, Production.

Phase 1, Preparation. Stravinsky Miniatures/Screening
Taking as starting point the great work of pioneer composer Igor Stravinsky, young composers and choreographers created 6 original works of music and dance, with the participation of the students of the Greek National Opera School of Dance and musicians of the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra. The artistic result of Stravisnky Miniatures will be screened in six videos.

Phase 2, Activities. Conversation around the table
The table is a place of memory where we become aware of who we are and with whom we are. Around the table, all previous encounters come together in an endless succession of memories and associations. The table is the place where the family gathers, the symbol of solidarity. At the table the eater and the drinker are tamed. At the table we relive our past and we discuss our future. Seating around a table together is a symbol of will to share. 
Project participants and organizers will share their “Stravinsky Miniatures” experience and share with the public their creative process. With conviviality and warmth, the public is invited to take a seat around the table.

Phase 3, Production. Recording 
Flux Laboratory Athens will keep tracks of conversations as all our content can be listened on our website’s Radio.