"The Lines" - new record of the composer Denis Schuler

"The Lines" - new record of the composer Denis Schuler

Concert at 7pm


« The Lines » is a cycle of compositions for musicians solo and duo, originating in a relfection on time and timelines, generated by Virginia Woolf's style in "Mrs. Dalloway". A personal research of the composer, a work on interiority and exteriority, this series of intimate pieces explores freely link of durations and forms, the particular relationship woven between the musician and his instrument. The pieces are all dedicated to the artists for whom they were written. They took part in the elaboration of the vocabularies that are employed in the pieces and they were able to give life to the music through their knowledge and engagement.
Denis Schuler


Just like his rich and non conventional path, Denis Schuler explores musical "territory". He draws material from such varied domains as traditional music, improvisation or the so called western classical music, confronting and combining multiple influences, allowing for his personal voice to emerge. Through thorough study of rhythm and sound material, his work investigates and approches the limits of hearing, particularly towards silence.


Program :

The Lines

Spring, for bass flute (2012)

Paolo Vignaroli

Lune bleue, for viola (2012)

Anna Spina

Perpetual Sense of being Out, for two female voices (2011)

Cristiana Presuti, Gyslaine Waelchli

Tan-ka, for piccolo and bass flute (2013)

Eliane Williner, Tanjia Müller

Melody, for oboe (2010)

Béatrice Zawodnik

Dans un pli, for flute and percussion (2011)

Paolo Vignaroli, Alexandre Babel

Nouvelle œuvre, for flute, oboe, percussion and viola (2013)

Paolo Vignaroli, Béatrice Zawodnik, Alexandre Babel, Anna Spina