We need Space - Sound performance, dance, installation

We need Space - Sound performance, dance, installation

WE NEED SPACE (2019) Sound performance, dance, installation

Flux Laboratory will welcome Julie Semoroz (sound artist), Cédric Gagneur (choreographer dancer) and Cerise Rossier (actress) in residency. They will be working on their creation We Need Space, which will be presented at the Grütli theatre, centre de production et de diffusion des Arts vivants from the 28th to the 31st of March, and from the 4th to the 7th of April 2019.

We Need Space is a performance which addresses the inner, temporal and spatial space of everyday life. A discussion with oneself about the environment in which we evolve. We need space questions an individual’s relationship to mechanical and organic time, within one’s bodily practices. This creation questions our post-industrial consumerist society and new technologies.

In a world where opposition does not exist anymore, and where people no longer have real political vision, slowing down and taking time to contemplate becomes an act of resistance. The performance does not aim to come up with answers, but rather to offer a space of emotional and intellectual freedom. To provide a moment of reflection. To elaborate a ritual.

During this residency, Fluxum foundation / Flux Laboratory will be partnering up with the MEG (Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève) to offer two participative performances entitled The Secret Hygge, based on a part of We Need Space


Artistic direction, music conception and interpretation : Julie Semoroz 
Choregraphy and interpretation: Cédric Gagneur 
Welcome, living pictures and interpretation: Cerise Rossier 
Final picture music conception: Nathan Baumann 
Light conception : Michel Guibentif 
General technician : Grégoire Brunner 
Leds programming: Boris Edelstein 
Translator: Alexandre J.S Cracker 
Visuals, publishing and bags : Thomas Perrodin 
Accounting : Nathalie Wenger 
Administation, communication, production : Yordan Osweiller 
Outside eye : Pierre Pontvianne 
Production : Association Motonomy 
Coproductions : Grütli, Centre de production et de diffusion des Arts vivants 
Residencies: STAMM (Porrentruy, CH), Lostudio (Arbedo, CH), Flux Laboratory (Genève ), Fundacion Los Chors (Los Choros, Chili), Grütli, Centre de production et de diffusion des Arts vivants(Genève, CH), La Becque (Tour de Peilz, CH) 
Support : Pro Helvetia Coincidencia