"Where are we going?" Cyril Le Van exhibition in Zurich

"Where are we going?" Cyril Le Van exhibition in Zurich

Flux Laboratory at Schiffbauplatz 5, Zurich
Opening night on Thursday, April 18, from 6.30 pm with Play, a dance performance by JOU & Louis-Clément da Costa at 7.30 pm

For his second collaboration with Flux Laboratory, French artist Cyril Le Van presents a series of new pieces: an installation of photo-graphical volumes, photographs of precarious houses printed on plastic canvases, sewn together, set on a wooden structure, 1/1 scale, 2013. 

His work presents a sort of “jungle”, shanties of a population living on the edges of extreme poverty, of people in exile. With this exhibition, Cyril Le Van wishes to tackle the issues of social and economical exclusion, of modest architectures and of forced migrations. The encampment is composed of several shelters and various objects. It is in fact a re-fabricated contemporary urban landscape.

On the opening night of the exhibition, the dancers JOU & Louis-Clément da Costa are going to perform a short version of Play, inspired by the universe of videogames, using the special setting of Le Van’s exhibition as scenery for their dance piece. The industry of videogames, though it became a highly profitable sector in the last 40 years, isn’t much present in today’s cultural discourse. Between a game and a show, Play is reinvented each time: the dancers pursue their research between motion-design, graphic design, electronic music and impetuous bodies. They recompose space to discover new possibilities: Which game are we playing? This is the question the dancers of Play ask themselves again and again. This interrogation resonates with Where are we going? by Cyril Le Van: welcome into an ever-changing world. Just play it! 

Play is choreographed by the two dancers JOU & Louis-Clément da Costa, upon music by Genevan musician POL, lights by Florent Naulin, motion design by Maxime Chappet and stage design by Christophe Guérin.