Within the frame of the FIFDH - An evening dedicated to exile at Flux Laboratory - Maya Bösch/Cie Sturmfrei and JR

Within the frame of the FIFDH - An evening dedicated to exile at Flux Laboratory - Maya Bösch/Cie Sturmfrei and JR

Tragedy Reloaded, prélude II – rerun 2016
Maya Bösch – Cie Sturmfrei

And screening  of ELLIS, a film by JR
Tragedy Reloaded, prélude II :
Part 1 : 18h – Les Exilées d'Eschyle - Espace Pitoëff - Café Babel
Part 2 : 19h30 – Animaux  de Jelinek - Flux Laboratory

At the end of the performance, à 20h
Screening of ELLIS
2015, 15', English language

Presented last September at Flux Laboratory within the frame of the Bâtie Festival, Tragedy Reloaded, prélude II is a coproduction of the Fluxum Foundation, directed by Maya Bösch.
This multidisciplinary theatre production is an intellectual inquiry, about ethics and politics on the notion of humanity .
By juxtaposing two founding texts of European theater (Tragedy of the Heart of Women from Aeschylus, and Animals by Jelinek), Maya Bösch asks about the possibility of reinventing the world. By bringing together women of different generations , cultures and professions, Maya Bösch seizes the choir, a major figure of the ancient theater , to recharge its force.
From Aeschylus’ Greece to the current Lampedusa , these women evoke the nagging questions of asylum, of exile, of what it means to be a woman, with their echoing cries.
Direction and conception: Maya Bösch
Assistant: Nagi Gianni
Video & light: Fred Lombard
Sound creation: Vincent Hänni
Sound engineer: Rudy Decelière

Assistant sound engineering: Charlotte Vuissoz
Costumes: Gwendoline Bouget
Masks: Nagi Gianni
Photography: Laura Spozio

Intern: Alexandra Barrau Drapier
Texts: Les Exilées by Eschyle, Animaux by Jelinek
Translations: Irène Bonnaud, Patrick Démerin and Dieter Hornig 
Actresses: Sylvia Amato, Mounira Barbouch, Elisa Dusapin, Marina Keltchewsky, Jeanne De Mont.
Production: Compagnie Sturmfrei

Supports: the City of Geneva and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, Fluxum Foundation, Loterie Romande, CORODIS, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Foundation.

The short narrative film, ELLIS, awakens our collective memory. Leaving their past behind them, immigrants fleeing poverty, discrimination, dictatorship arrived there. Ellis Island was the gateway to the United States for millions of immigrants. Upon arrival, they were processed, approved or denied access. Due to sickness or simply tiredness, many were placed in the hospital. A purgatory of sorts, in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, where thousands of men, women and children awaited their fate.
Official Trailer: http://bit.ly/1iEZBjX
Featuring: Academy Award® Winner Robert De Niro
Directed and Produced By: JR 
Written By: Academy Award® Winner Eric Roth
Produced By: Jane Rosenthal, Guillaume LeFrançois, Marc Azoulay, Sol Guy, and Emile Abinal
Executive Produced By: Catherine and Niklas Zennstrom, Emerson Collective
Cinematography By: André Chemetoff
Edited By: Maxime Pozzi-Garcia
Music By: Woodkid, Nils Frahm